Princesa Shimmer Metal Bow Headband

Princesa Shimmer Metal Bow Headband




Shimmer metal silver and gold or all silver heaband.

Our mission

We are a non-profit organization that has been created to aid in the prevention of abuse in all forms, to help the victims and/or their families to heal from such tragic events stemming from the abuse, and to help each individual restore their life through artistic design. Learn more here! ( We are a spiritual and artistic education based organization.

How are the profits being used?

%100 of all profits are being used to uphold our mission which inlcudes offering free artistic classes of all kinds such as fashion design, culinary arts, interior design, etc. We also provide an array of free educational resources to rebuild ones life after a violent tragedy.

Product Care instructions & information

As with all costume jewelry, this item should not be worn while exercising, working vigorously, and/or swimming. Excessive amounts of sweat can tarnish or damage the item. Some skin care products and/or chemicals can potentially damage and/or tarnish the item. Avoid aggressively pulling on the item as this can cause breakage or damage. In the event that the item is exposed to sweat or other products immediately remove the item and rinse it with cold water then dry it with a paper towel. In some cases you may apply toothpaste to the area where it appears to be tarnished and scrub using a clean, old toothbrush or other small clean bristle brush to help restore and/or clean the item. Baking soda with peroxide may also be used to help clean and restore the item.


***Please be advised that these are only basic/general care instructions and they are not a guarantee because people vary as do climates and/or situations which all play a role in various outcomes of product upkeep.***

Additional information

Weight 3 oz

Silver & Gold, Silver


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