Paint your world free!

Originally my dream was to have this big fashion brand that people of all ages, backgrounds, financial levels, religions, and cultures could embrace. It was a very big passion of mine since I was very young in 7th grade. I stuck with my dream and eventually Sariella De Amor began to evolve. In about 2009 I asked my mom if I could borrow $20 to buy a jewelry making kit and what would follow was something I could have never imagined. I began selling this jewelry left and right like it was nothing. It gave me the confidence to continue my dream. Year after year I would give my family gifts of my handmade jewelry which I loved to do. It was an outlet for me and empowered me to progress with my craft. Life took me on an unexpected ride and I suddenly stopped doing jewelry for a while but God had a reason for this. It was a minor detour that would change my life forever. Everything would soon come full circle. I battled depression with thoughts of suicide for many years due to mental and emotional abuse. I would pray long and hard for God to save me from this. I knew I would be saved but I didn’t know when or how. I simply had faith. God guided me to poetry to use as an outlet to fuel my pain because I have always been introverted when it came to expressing my feelings. I didn’t want to burden or cause anyone to feel the pain I felt when expressing myself so I bottled my emotions. This is definitely NOT a healthy tactic and I learned this through all my years of suffering. On December 29th 2012 the idea rushed into my mind, it was delivered from the heavens, unlocked by my own persistence. God placed it within me long before I even entered this realm. I paced my living floor and proclaimed “Fuel 4 Poetry” that is what I will call it. I immediately realized this was my mission while here on Earth. It was to help save as many lives/souls as possible from succumbing to the darkness and hatred of this world. On this 29th day in December of 2012 I began a community page on fb called “Fuel 4 Poetry” that would soon turn into a non-profit a few short weeks later.

 As time went on I had in my mind I didn’t want to give of my passion of fashion design but I realized that if I wanted to continue with it I had to have it rooted in a greater purpose just as “Fuel 4 Poetry” already was. In 2014 the original fashion brand name was changed from Glamei Rose to Sariella De Amor and I changed it from a LLC to a non-profit Corporation. I turned it into a non-profit to empower women of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures who have been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused to live a healthier life away from the abuse and to help them to heal through artistic design of all kinds. After establishing Sariella De Amor and working with it for a while, it sat untouched for about a year while I focused on “Fuel 4 Poetry.” This spring of 2017 my sister Maria who had many battles she overcame including suicide passed away from this world on April 2nd 2017 and it put our whole family into complete shock because it seemed so abrupt and unexpected. She was taken by domestic violence by her Ex Fiance. While this is still very fresh in my mind and heart I am able to still find something positive to carry on with so that another woman does not have to suffer as my sister Maria did. In recognition of my sister and her life I have decided to officially change the name from Sariella De Amor to Maria De Amor which means Maria of Love. Everything we do in this organization is to help those people who are suffering from any type of abuse and to help their children in the event that the parent’s life is taken! We want to greatly empower woman to stand up and speak out against domestic violence through the art that they are passionate about and for my sister Maria it would have been culinary arts. You can bring any of your dreams to life! Don’t allow anyone to take the light out of your life! Love yourself enough to walk away from something that is not helping you to grow, to heal, and to be the best version of yourself! If they don’t bring you happiness then it is not love! People will feed off of you and get a thrill off of seeing you fail in life with anything whether that be relationship, career, education, raising children, etc. Walk away and don’t wait until it is too late because they can kill you many ways. They will first kill your spirit then your soul and finally take your life! The longer you stay in a situation that God never intended you to be in the longer you will waste away your life! ***Maria De Amor***